Some published pieces

Here are links to clips of mine published in the media.

This is an editorial about safety, danger and precautions that I wrote after a particularly awful murder of a child:

EXCERPT: “We should stop considering children as objects to protect and think of them more as verbs, in motion – which they are all the time, if you think about it. I would like us to create a different kind of safety than through protection: safety through competence. In this view, children would be safe playing outside because of their experience and the presence of many of them out there.

When asked why they restrict their child’s freedom in light of a few rare horrors, most parents say, “I just could never live with myself if something happened.” But what does that mean? I think it means, here is a situation so painful that I cannot even let my mind go near it. Unfortunately, that attitude closes the door on a dialogue that could be invigorating to all of us and our communities. Instead we add precautions (fences, leashes, rules and ever more advanced tracking technologies) to discharge our feeling of helplessness.”

Here is one in about the hysteria about car seats:

EXCERPT: “How many car seats do I have to buy to raise my child safely and obey the law in this country? Too many.”

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