My piece on Maurice Sendak in the Chicago Tribune:

Claiming Maurice Sendak

By Miven Trageser
May 11, 2012

Maurice Sendak belonged to me. He wasn’t yours. I read him more, I loved him better. You could like him, but he was mine.

When you are little you own your favorites. Favorite color, favorite number, favorite animal, favorite toy and book, these are things adults ask you and you have an answer, and it matters. It is one of the few channels you have to express “who you are.” And so you howl when you get the wrong color plate as it carries all the weight of identity. [Read more]

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Los Angeles Times Op-Ed on Technology and Parenting

March 14, 2012

Technology needs to be a shared project in a family and in a community: “Trying to work these decisions out separately in each family is not practical in a social medium. If we step up now, we have the opportunity to develop our own culture for online life, one that is grounded in our own, […]

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Some published pieces

October 4, 2011

Here are links to clips of mine published in the media. This is an editorial about safety, danger and precautions that I wrote after a particularly awful murder of a child: EXCERPT: “We should stop considering children as objects to protect and think of them more as verbs, in motion – which they are […]

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Protecting Babies from Well-Intentioned but Intrusive Relatives

January 3, 2011

Here is a post I wrote for Janet Lansbury’s website, Elevating Childcare: Parenting Ideas that Fly. Janet is an early childhood educator and a RIE teacher whom I admire and have learned a lot from. I recommend you check out a lot of the great posts on her site. My guest post, Protecting Your Baby […]

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