• Play therapy can help children deal with any kind of stress–academic challenges, social or sibling problems, anxiety or self-regulation. It gives the child a consistent, safe place to learn more about their own mind, their feelings and reactions. I often use techniques from mindful awareness to give children more tools to regulate their own strong emotions.
  • Adults can benefit from a parenting consultation, particularly when they do not agree about discipline, or are feeling overwhelmed. Talking to a supportive counselor can help a lot. I can assist couples who are considering divorce with ways to help the children through the process.
  • Anxious children use counseling as a place to unload what is burdening and worrying them. Extremely shy children also benefit from therapy.
  • How do you know if your child might need counseling? If they have experienced a trauma, or if there is a divorce going on it’s a good idea to get a consultation. If an adult you trust recommends it, or even hints at it, try asking them more about what they are noticing. If you feel you just need extra support to be the parent you want to be, I can point you to classes, workshops and many options besides therapy.