I am happy to meet with families in my office or your home to assess and help with your parenting challenges. Many couples have found that a single consultation provides some clarity and relief. It can be hard to think straight when two parents’ styles are clashing, or when an thorny family problem is affecting a child’s behavior. When I come to your home I have the chance to observe the child at length in their own environment, and I can model different ways of reacting. Many people like to get this kind of coaching on the spot.

I have also helped families by consulting when they get overwhelmed by recommendations from preschool, pediatricians or other experts. I can be a kind of second or third opinion who is your informed guide, synthesizing and translating all the advice. I help parents sort through referrals and make choices that are in alignment with their values.

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Reflective Parenting, R.I.E. and Resources

The philosophy of Magda Gerber and R.I.E. has been a profound influence on me as a parent and a person. Janet Lansbury has books and a blog where she brings her unique synthesis of these perspectives in a relatable style. Many parents I work with find Janet’s website to be a great ongoing resource:

The Reflective Parenting Program comes out of the innovative Center for Reflective Parenting. Please visit their site. The Reflective Parenting Program helps “improve the attachment between parent and child. We do this by helping parents to understand and respond to their children’s motivations rather than reflexively reacting to their children’s behavior.”

I hope you find the resources you need as a parent. Please feel free to contact me for more help.