Teens benefit from counseling for all the same reasons that adults do. Teen therapy is somewhat different because of in the “in-between-ness” of their situation. They are adult in so many ways, but are legally still children until age 18. When I work with teens, we talk about this in-between dilemma.

Counseling helps teens differentiate thoughts from feelings, impulses, judgments, reactions, and ultimately define who they are on their own terms. I enjoy sharing this space with teen clients, helping them gain inner clarity and develop their sense of self.

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Given the increased availability of medical and recreational marijuana due to recent laws changing in California, I am seeing more teens and adults with issues of overusing marijuana and having it interfere with their lives, reduce motivation and increase isolation. The variety of marijuana delivery systems (including the flavors and colors of edible marijuana) bring a different consumer mentality to pot use. Several factors that used to stop people are gone: fear of it being illegal, health concerns around smoke inhalation, and the skunky smell.  Many people believe that marijuana is not addictive, but I have seen it controls people’s lives. Fortunately, there are proven methods that help people change their relationship to it. Many people find what can help them at Marijuana Anonymous. www.marijuana-anonymous.org I’m happy to talk with anyone who is struggling with this.