Moms and Daughters as Allies

This two-hour workshop for mothers and daughters age 9 to 11 celebrates and strengthens the unique mother-daughter relationship in the important pre-teen years before girls may stop using their mother as a resource. We will strengthen communication skills and practice using them, and also look at the complex messages girls and women get about their appearance. Both moms and girls will leave with more understanding of each other and richer connection. A version for older girls is also available. Cost is $100/pair for the two hour workshop.

Managing Anger and Difficult Emotions with Mindful Awareness

Kids only, ages 9-13. Get hands-on tools for working with powerful feelings by experiencing them instead of avoiding them. This workshop would be helpful to any child who has trouble regulating their anger or impatience. We will practice locating rising emotions in the body before they boil over, and how to find alternative ways to discharge the feelings. 90 minutes $45

Introduction to Mindful Awareness

Satisfy your curiosity and learn some mindful awareness tools in a 90 minute workshop. Gain skills together that can help with relaxation, concentration, and self-awareness. When you and your child learn together, you build a common language of terms and concepts. This workshop can enrich your connection with your child by building this language, increasing empathy, and helping you to pause before reacting at home and in the world. Parents and kids ages 8 to 13. $100/pair for the 90 minute workshops


If you are interested in doing a workshop, please email me which one and your child’s name and age. If I have an upcoming date we will do payment and registration by email. If I don’t have that workshop in the immediate calendar, I will let you know and email you when I next offer that one.

If you have a more specific idea of what you want, you may choose to gather your friends and bring the workshop you want to your home, geared towards you, your child and his/her peers. 

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Parent-child enrichment classes on mindfulness, digital addiction, mother-daughter relationship and body image. Workshops with Miven Trageser, MFT, Los Angeles Child Therapist.